Treasurer Job Description - Summary






The Treasurer is an Officer and as such is expected to attend the Committee Meetings, to present financial reports and to inform and assist with financial decision making.


                To collect any monies due and to pay any monies owed

                To collect annual subscriptions from members

                To collect ticket and programme money from concerts 

                To encourage members to gift-aid their subscriptions

                To pay bills – 1. regular bills, e.g. MD and Accompanist fees, rehearsal room hire;                                      

     2. concert expenses, e.g.artists and orchestra fees, venue hire, advertising, printing, etc.

     3. ongoing expenses e.g. insurance, web service costs etc.

                To pay whatever other bills the Committee considers necessary.

The Treasurer is also responsible for arranging an annual audit and for making the annual return to the Charity Commission.

It is not necessary for a Treasurer to be an accountant but an ability to manage spreadsheets and a basic knowledge of banking and simple book-keeping is useful.   

Further information and help is available from past Treasurers, especially the most recent one.

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