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SECRETARY’S TASKS as at September 2015 - SJS


AGM and Committee meetings - two weeks before a committee meeting circulate Agenda with request for additional items.  Circulate the Minutes of the previous meeting (draft may already have been sent out soon after that meeting for checking).

For the AGM in October, circulate the Agenda and Minutes of previous year’s meeting to members at least two weeks before the meeting.  Note – timescale for AGM notification might change if new constitution is adopted in 2015.

Create Nomination slips for Members use (Appendix 1) – each position is up for nomination (this can be attached to the email with the Agenda and Minutes).

Take Minutes at the meeting, type up asap and circulate to committee to check.               

Once approved and signed, send copy to website manager (currently Jan Clubb)


Before each start of term, produce registers for each Voice part plus a New Attendees sheet (Appendices 2-6); a rehearsal schedule (Appendix 7) and update the Events programme (Appendix 8) for the year.

Secretary should aim to get to rehearsals at least half an hour early to put out registers and welcome any potential new members.

Check registers weekly.  Near to a concert, compile a list of concert singers, by voice part, for the MD.


Book Rehearsal venue by half term of the previous term i.e early July for Autumn term; early March for Spring term and early May for Summer term. 

Springwood High School is our current venue, contact Charlotte Isle (Lettings Officer - and they have a booking form to complete (Appendix 9)


Produce Notices rota (Appendix 10) for committee members (can only do up to AGM in the Autumn term as the committee may/probably will change then.


After the AGM update the Welcome Letter (Appendix 11) with new committee details.

Add this to the ‘New Members’ pack which consists of the letter; an application form (Appendix 12); Library information – Appendix 13 - (from Music Librarian),  a copy of the Rehearsal schedule for that term; the Events programme for the year; an audition sheet (Appendix 14).

Update the Members Contact details list and the email contacts as appropriate.  Also keep the card index updated.


Keep members informed (mostly via email) of any rehearsal changes; MD communications plus anything that anyone else wants circulated.  NB – ALL information to be sent to members MUST be done by either the Secretary or the Librarian.

Inform MD and Librarian of any potential new members.



Every two years, all members are re-auditioned over a weekend   The secretary will book the audition venue and at least a month before the weekend, produce an audition timetable (Appendix 15) for members to fill in.


When the position of MD or accompanist becomes vacant, arrange advertising under instruction from a sub-committee set up to oversee the appointment. 


Update Role of Voice Rep document (Appendix 16) and make sure Voice Reps have a copy of it each year.

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SJS September 2015



Job description can be found HERE

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