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For each concert/event, a graphic design is needed for  a)advertising on paper (posters, flyers, postcards); b)display on our website and for other electronic purposes; c)providing a front cover for a programme. 

The finished work needs to be of a sufficiently high resolution that it can be blown up to A2 size without losing definition. 

A poster for a concert is likely to show –

  • The title of the concert
  • The music to be performed and the composer(s)
  • The venue
  • The date and time of the concert
  • The title ‘King’s Lynn Festival Chorus’
  • Any other artistes
  • The names of the MD and Accompanist
  • The ticket price(s)
  • Where tickets can be purchased
  • The skyline logo, including web address and no.


[Needed (if producing in-house):

  • a modern[ish] computer with plenty of memory;
  • an Art/Design programme for same computer.

The Art programme doesn’t have to be a huge expensive one but it needs to be able to manipulate images easily and in a variety of ways.  Free to download, ‘’ is recommended.

The initial background can be an adapted image found on the internet but beware of copyright issues.]


The ‘skyline’ logo needs to appear on all artwork and it should include the web address and registered charity number.  Its colour can be changed.

KLFC has recently employed an able graphic designer, based in Wells.  She is speedy, accurate, accommodating and her prices are very reasonable.  Please see Jan for contact details.



  • Microsoft Publisher.  This package is not cheap.  it will need to be bought and installed on a fairly modern computer with plenty of memory.

Size of programme

  • The number of pages, including the cover, need to be in multiples of 4.  Ours are usually 8 or 12 pages long.


The front cover should be the same as the poster for the event, minus the venue and ticket information. The back cover looks good with the same colour background as the front.

A programme booklet is likely to contain the following:

  • The ‘order of service’
  • Short biographies of the MD, Accompanist &/or Orchestra
  • Short biographies of any solo artistes
  • Notes on the music (i.e. programme notes usually, but not always, written by the MD)
  • A list of chorus members (either those singing at the event or everyone - consult sec. & MD)
  • A short informative piece about the chorus
  • Details of future events
  • Any necessary expression of thanks
  • Any important instructions or information (e.g. mobiles off; no photos/videos)
  • Anything else deemed necessary by the committee.


  • At a very early stage in the programme production it is essential to ask for biographies, programme notes etc. and to establish a deadline for sending the work to the printer.






ASAP in advance of the event...

Establish what pieces will be performed and in what order



Establish a printer’s deadline (deadline A) and using that, decide on own deadline (2 weeks before deadline A) and contributors’ deadline (at least one week before own)




Ask contributors for biographies, programme notes etc. and give them their deadline.       Consult with graphic designer.



Consult with MD and committee about the content of the booklet



About 8 weeks before event, if possible ...

Start work on the booklet. Design layout.



Work with graphic designer to produce a simplified version of the poster for the front cover.

Decide on design for back cover.

Editor /graphic designer

4 or 5 weeks before deadline A

Remind contributors of their approaching deadline


Contributors’ deadline

Receive all outstanding copy


Accompanist etc

Own deadline

Complete the booklet


At the latest, 1 week before deadline A

Send booklet out for proof reading


Chosen proof readers

Deadline A

Send copy of the booklet to printer


POSTER & PROGRAMME – preparing them for sending to Commercial Printers

The Printer requires that there is some excess colour around any image to be printed.  This is to facilitate trimming, without cutting off anything important.  A graphic designer will know this and prepare the image accordingly.  

The same applies to the typed sections of the programme but 'Publisher' is arranged to give enough space round the text for the printer’s trimming. Make sure any important design features and blocks of type sit well within the border shown.  The printer can enlarge or decrease in size. 

When using Publisher for the inside of the programme, there will be a single page at the beginning and one at the end of the layout which can be ignored.  Look on them as representing the outer front and back cover.  You can’t remove them because the programme only works with multiples of 4 pages.  There should be either 3 or 5 double pages within.  

When the programme is finished, save as a pdf and print it off to check it.  Save this printout for the printer to see.  I can’t find a way of removing the blank page on the pdf but the printer is able to do this.

Ensure the cover design gets to the printer when you send your pdf of the programme inner.


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