Outdoor Singing






The Role of the Carol - a - Thon Organiser

Permission must be obtained by the Borough Council Manager: - Mr Alistair Cox. Email: alistair.cox@west-norfolk.gov.uk if we sing in the town.

If the event is to be held in the Vancouver Quarter:-

Mr David Blackmore the Marketing and Events Manager. Email: davidblackmore@vancoverquarter.comis the person to contact.

A street licence is also required which is obtained from Kings Lynn & West Norfolk Borough Council.

If we plan sell CD's or hold a collection we must have a licence.

We also have to show our Public Liability Insurance Cover. This is held by our treasurer.

Useful telephone numbers.

Alistair Cox.  Tel 01553616739  Mob 07795 287896  Fax 01553 616640

David Blackmore,  01553 819901.

Download necessary application forms here


  1. A street trader trading with the consent of the Borough Council :-
    1. shall prominently display on his/her stall/receptacle hislher name, a copy of the consent including a plan showing the permitted trading site, a photograph of the consent holder and a complete price list of the goods being sold.
    2. shall not employ or engage or use in anyway more than one person at anyone time to assist in street trading operations.
    3. or his/her assistant shall not cause or permit any goods, containers or other articles used in connection with his/her street trading consent to be placed alongside or beyond the extremities of the stall/receptacle so that the total area including the stall/receptacle shall not exceed 1.5 metres in length (Plus handles at one end of the stall/receptacle of up to 05 metres in length), 1 metre in depth and 2.25 metres in height including any canopy.
    4. or his/her assistant, if required by any person having reasonable cause to make the request, shall immediately remove his/her stall/receptacle and goods for so long as may be necessary from the place occupied by himlher where the presence of the stall receptacle is obstructing the arrival or departure of vehicles or persons from neighbouring premises.
    5. or his/her assistant shall immediately remover his/her stall/receptacle for so long as may be necessary if required to do so by a Police Officer or a duly authorised officer of the Borough Council of any of its powers and duties.
    6. or his/her assistant shall remove the stall/receptacle within a reasonable time of the after the expiry of the time specified in the Consent letter.
    7. must ensure that there is no discharge of waste water onto the Public Highway.
    8. shall provide own facilities for the disposal of litter. and shall not deposit litter ill litter bins provided by the Borough Council.
    9. shall not allow any heat emanating from any part of his/her operation to affect the highway surfacing.
    10. or his/her assistant shall ensure that the surface of the highway is not damaged in any way.
    11. shall ensure that at all times he/she complies fully with the Food Safety Act 1990 and Regulations made thereunder.
    12. or his/her assistant shall comply with any directions given by the Chief Environmental Health Officer and Central Area Manager from time to time including directions concerning the handling or removal of refuse.
    13. shall pay to the Borough Council any charges payable for the removal of refuse or other services rendered, and any expenses incurred by the Borough Council in the administration of Part III of the 1982 Act.
  2. On receipt of the Consent letter and before trading with the Consent of the Borough Counci 1 the street trader shall inform the Gas Board and Eastern Energy in writing that he/she intends to trade on the street he/she has the Consent of the Borough Council to trade on.
  3. The fee payable for a Street Trading Consent may be reviewed from time to time by the Borough Council.
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