Librarian Job Description - Summary






General points

  1. The Librarian is an officer post on the KLFC Committee and so attends Committee meetings. Beside the Secretary, the Librarian is the only Committee member who holds a list of members’ contact details.
  2. The job has a substantial workload so it is much easier if the duties can be shared. Consequently, the role lends itself to a job share.
  3. For the same reason, it is a good idea to develop a team of helpers to assist with score distribution, cleaning copies and Librarian’s holidays.
  4. There are large boxes (34x40.5x26cm) in the KLFC library so the Librarian must have easy access to dry storage space.
  5. Carrying heavy boxes is a key part of the job.

The full Job Description is not provided here.  The full version reviewed and updated in June 2021 is kept by the Website Manager and current Librarian and will be supplied to any new Librarian on request.  Anyone wanting more information when considering taking on the role should communicate with the current Librarian.

Summary of the Librarian’s duties:

  • Liaising with Music Director, committee and choir members
  • Sourcing and costing music scores
  • Buying/hiring copies
  • Distributing copies and collecting fees
  • Collecting copies after use and preparing them for shipment
  • Returning scores to their source(s)
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