Like so many other choirs across the country, we have been unable to perform in concert since the end of 2019. The virtual world has kept us going but finally, we managed to sing together in person on 19th July, the Government's aptly named 'freedom day'. Hallelujah! 

The Chorus performed in it's first live concert since December 2019 on 16th October 2021 in St Nicholas' Chapel with our new Music Director, Ben HordenTitled IKON, the concert was a programme of religious choral devotions and was well received by an appreciative audience. 

Our next Concert will be on 18th December 2021 in St Nicholas' Chapel. This family Christmas spectacular with brass this year is a popular festive affair so book early. 

If any aspiring singer wishes to join us,  then please contact the secretary. Alternatively, keep checking our website, FB and Twitter feeds for updates or join our mailing list. If you sign up, we can send our quarterly Newsletter direct to your mailbox. 













The virtual choir has been busy over the summer months.  Go to the Audio Gallery to hear some recordings including our latest recording of Fauré: Cantique de Jean Racine







Singing is good for your health - that’s now an established fact. Why don't you consider getting together with like-minded folk from all walks of life, once a week for a choral workout during term time.

Being the choir that KLFC is, it helps if you can follow a musical score and keep in tune.

If you would like to try us out,  you can come along to our Monday evening rehearsals, that have now moved back to our original rehearsal venue in the Main Hall of Springwood High School, King's Lynn, 7.15pm to 9.15pm. 

We  welcome new members. Please contact the secretary if you are interested or just want more information.


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