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Dates, times and venues are agreed by the Committee in consultation with the MD, King’s Lynn Festival committee and any other interested bodies. 

Usual venues include St Nicholas’ chapel and the King’s Lynn Corn Exchange.  Occasionally King’s Lynn Minster or other venues may be used.

St Nicholas’ chapel.    Initial contact is Kirsty Gauntley 

King’s Lynn Corn Exchange.  Initial contact is manager Philip Bayfield

King’s Lynn Minster.  Initial contact is administrator Kelly Bowen  

All arrangements for, and decisions about concerts are made in committee.

The Concert Manager should delegate tasks according to the skill pool and resources of members.  It is recommended that continuity is protected where possible.

Information about Ticket Sales, Stewards, and Staging follow, together with a Concert Management checklist.  Please find information about Programmes etc. in a separate document.


The Corn Exchange acts as a ticket agent when we perform in St Nicholas chapel or the Minster but we must pre-arrange this with Philip Bayfield, the manager.

When the Concert Manager books a venue for an event someone needs to inform Philip that we want the Corn Exchange to sell tickets for us.  This can be done by email stating the date & name of the concert, the venue, the price(s) of tickets and the number needed.   (The number would be 500 in St Nix and something around 300 in the Minster but the Minster office would confirm how many the church holds.)

Philip will send a contract that should be signed and returned.  This will confirm the costs to us.

The Corn Exchange will set up ticket sales quite quickly through their own box office. 

At the time of booking, for a further fee we can arrange an ‘external box office’ – i.e. someone from the Corn Exchange will bring tickets to the venue to sell them at the door, usually for an hour before the event.  

If we wish, we can sometimes sell tickets ourselves.  We need to tell the Corn Exchange staff the number of tickets we want and they will provide them to be collected from their box office.  This works out cheaper for us as they don’t take commission for these but just charge a small fee for producing the tickets.  Complimentary tickets can be obtained in the same way.

If we sell a ticket for a wheelchair space, we should inform the Corn Exchange box office straight away because there are always a limited number of wheelchair spaces.


The Corn Exchange arranges its own stewarding.

The Minster and St Nicholas Chapel need to have stewards arranged by the Chorus.

The current person with responsibility for stewards holds a list of people willing to be stewards and who have been used in the past.  This list will need regular updates.  Most stewards can be contacted by email and the remainder by phone.

We need at least 6 or 7 stewards and 3 programme sellers.

Some weeks before the event (12 weeks+), establish who will be Chief Steward, contact him or her to introduce yourself and check that (s)he is available to steward the event.

Next, contact other possible stewards / programme sellers to check their availability.

The current Chief Steward  (Mick James) is very responsible, knowledgeable and helpful.  If you have any questions about stewarding, ask him. 

If using the Minster, you will need to find out in committee about the availability of toilets and then inform the Chief Steward.  Ditto any arrangements for refreshments.


  • 4 or 5 good torches ( usually supplied by the Stewards, but check)
  • A steward’s badge for each steward (kept by Stewards Manager)
  • A sash for each programme seller (ditto)
  • A money bag for each programme seller (ditto)
  • A float for each programme seller (provided by the treasurer on the day.  Remind him beforehand)
  • The programmes



1 or 2 weeks before the event…

  1. Discuss arrival times with Chief Steward.  Stewards should be there about 1 hour before the performance, Chief Steward will probable arrange to arrive before that.
  2. Send a letter / email to all stewards detailing what is expected of them.

On the day …

  1. Arrive early to meet Chief Steward and give him 4 or 5 torches and badges for all stewards.  Make arrangements with him for the return of these at the end of the concert.
  2. Ask Chief Steward to make sure there is a steward with a torch positioned at each exit.
  3. Meet programme sellers and give each one a sash and a bag with a float in it.  Make sure they know where the programmes are and how much they cost.  Arrange with them where they should return sashes, remaining programmes and bags of money.

At end of event….

  1. Thank stewards if you get a chance.
  2. Check everything has been returned.
  3. Give money to treasurer.


After the event ….

Ensure all stewards are thanked – by email, phone or card


PROGRAMME, POSTER PRODUCTION etc.  Please see relevant document in ‘Printed Material’ section of ‘Misc. Roles/Tasks’.


STAGING  The staging lives in St Nicolas’ chapel and is used by others as necessary.  Further details about its erection and dismantling are obtainable from Nick Balham and here:  Staging Hire Agreement and instructions for erection and dismantling



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