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We have an extensive library of midi files which can be accessed by use of the search facility below.  The files were created by Fraser, the founder of our original website.

Searching the Web if necessary

For music that is not in our library, it is usually possible to download midi files on to your computer from a Google search.

On the Google page just type 'midi', followed by the composer and the name of the piece of music.  You will then be presented with thousands of possible sites.  Once you have chosen the one that is right for you, it may be used for personal learning.

Below are some sites used extensively and successfully by members. Try them.

1   Johns Midi File Choral Music Site at


(John provides lots of tips and information about using his site)

2  John Fletcher Music at


This site requires membership in order to download midi files currently within copyright.  It costs £10 pa.

3 Silvis Woodshed at


CyberBass (below) has been used a lot in the past but now seems to require payment.  You might like to check it out.


  Either select your chosen composer from the drop down box below  OR  use the search query box by entering the title or part of the title of the tune in which you are interested.  


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